Content Creation

The way we create content for a website requires research and planning in order to identify keywords and phrases that will improve the quality and relevancy of your websites content.

To do this we research ‘buzz words’ which are based on the phrases people are likely to search when looking for your website, services or products. These buzz words are based on a number of metrics such as relevancy which when inserted into your websites content will help improve the overall quality.

High Quality Content Creation Which is SEO Friendly

We are experienced in producing unique, relative, search friendly content which is geared towards the keywords you are optimising your website for. Whether you’re looking for blog posts, press releases, web page content or text for PPC adverts, we have the skills to produce the quality you need to convert. Should you wish we can work effectively with your own journalists, content writers and editors to ensure that everyone understands exactly what is required to produce high quality content for your website.

Bringing Exposure To Your Content

Creating content isn’t the only thing you must do to increase the quality of your website, you must also bring exposure towards your content. To do this depends entirely on the content you are trying to promote. For example, if you are looking to bring attention to a blog post, you will share it across a number of social media platforms and publish it on news sites. We will help you increase the visibility of your content through a range of Internet marketing techniques we utilise for content marketing.