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Pay Per Click

We research & analyse keywords to create a customised PPC promotion. We have created and managed countless PPC campaigns and achieved profitable ROI for our clients.

We take numerous measures to make sure you don’t spend more than you have to and aim to achieve a higher return on your investment. To do this we use ad testing, A-B and multivariate testing of landing pages, quality score sculpting and daily trend analysis. We also manage long tail search terms and exact search discovery while monitoring halo keywords and contextual management.

We look closely at what your competitors are doing, keeping you informed and one step ahead. This means whatever your competition is doing, we are doing better.

Continued Support

Our relationship with your business does not end after setting up the PPC campaign. During the campaign PPC account managers will monitor progress and provide you with reports detailing the PPC campaign’s success and make recommendations that make improvements after analysing data in the reports.