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Whether you have a startup or an established corporation—in retail, healthcare, finance, or any other industry—we can provide you the right strategy to match your SEO goals. This is especially essential today, with SEO becoming vertical-specific.

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SEO going vertical means that search engines like Google are becoming smarter thanks to AI and machine learning, understanding not just the keywords typed into the search bar but also the intent behind them to provide results that are more relevant to users. The algorithm is learning the types of content that work best in different contexts, including the relevancy to different vertical industry sectors.
Relevancy, in this sense, refers to how pertinent the content is to the industry vertical, context, audience, and keywords, even to the device used by the audience to search. This also means that SEO specialists will have a lot to consider creating the right strategy for their clients. It’s not just about the resources available or the SEO goals they are trying to achieve.

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This vertical nature of SEO also requires marketers to have the right data and skills to analyze it, as it can be advantageous in creating relevant content. At SEO Company, our holistic SEO campaign management efforts are based on real data and the best SEO results don’t come overnight.

SEO Company maintains its services’ excellence to offer the best for clients through accreditations. Our high quality, no nonsense approach to SEO has also helped us earn a few accolades along the way:

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Recognition is significant, but deciding the best partner for your SEO goals means looking for one that understands your objectives the most and goes the extra mile to help you achieve them. You also want a collaborator that will help you understand SEO and encourage you to have a deeper knowledge of the discipline, so you can appreciate the efforts made to get better SERP rankings.
SEO Company and its partners, through their expertise and exceptional service, will make sure that you achieve your desired results, using only the best modern and ethical strategies.

The Drum

Digital Marketing Agency was nominated as a finalist in 2017's “The Drum Search Awards.

BIMA Awards

DMA was nominated for the BIMA awards for achievements in digital media and advertising.


DMA was chosen as a finalist in Lincolnshire due to the exceptional results we achieved for UK clients.

GD USA Awards

Digital Marketing Agency was nominated for the GD USA Awards for our creative digital works.

RAR Digital

Digital Marketing Agency earned a nomination for exceptional digital marketing feedback from client brands.


DMA is a leader in digital marketing, highlighted by based on client feedback.

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