Technical Audit

The key to successful SEO lies in conducting a technical audit for your website. SEO Company can help you identify the errors to achieve your business goals.

What is a Technical Audit for SEO?

The ultimate objective of performing a technical audit for your website’s SEO is to ensure that it follows the search engine guidelines and requirements for crawling, indexation, and user experience. On-site, off-page, and technical SEO work together with one goal: to fully optimize a website. Ultimately, the insights can help you improve your website rankings and drive more traffic.

Crawling and Indexing

The first order of business on your technical SEO audit is performing a site crawl. The crawlability of a website depends on the URL’s ability to be seen by search engines. Your site might still be accessible to visitors even if it encounters URL errors. However, the page can’t rank in search results since they’re rendered invisible to bots.

Next to crawlability comes indexability. Certain aspects that can still prevent your URL from being indexed, even when it’s been crawled. URLs that can be indexed appear on the catalog of pages in search engine results pages (SERPs). Some of the factors that prevent search engines from indexing your site include duplicate content, redirects, and canonical declarations, among others.


The usability aspects–your website’s functionality and design–of your site influence your ranking factors and determines how users will act upon visiting your site. A convoluted layout, busy webpages, and poorly formatted pages aren’t good for your website, especially for the user experience. People are likely to leave if they find a site too complicated to navigate, which is a signal to search engines that your content doesn’t fulfill its purpose.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization deals with your site content. Conducting an on-page SEO assessment is a must to make sure that your site is appropriately optimized. With this, you’ll want to check the following for duplicate content or SEO problems associated with meta descriptions, title tags, and keyword placements.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile-first indexing is Google’s priority. The mobile version of websites is a baseline for how the search engine titan rank websites. Desktop versions are still included in the indexing process, but the sites that are mobile-friendly and enhanced for user intent are favored when it comes to higher search rankings.
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Network Performance

An accessible URL displays and renders without issue. Websites and webpages that have accessibility issues may still rank, but these are often penalized in the search results. Issues like frequent and excessive downtime affect poorly in user’s experience. Ultimately, this can eliminate your site from Google’s index. Find out if your website renders appropriately by checking elements like server performance and HTTPS security.

Why You Need Regular Technical SEO Audits

Websites are dynamic, which means they’re constantly changing. More
importantly, search engine algorithms are also constantly evolving. So, if
you’re not keeping a close eye on your website’s technical SEO
performance, there’s a high chance of something slipping through the

As a client of SEO Company, we’ll make sure that your website gets
audited and optimized on a regular basis, so you can concentrate on the
things that matter—growing your business.

SEO company’s digital tools, technical mastery, and network of experts ensure that your website reaches its ultimate goal: to grow your business. Inquire now!


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