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What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is Google’s artificial intelligence-powered voice assistant that’s primarily available on smartphones. It offers a wide range of voice control features delivering a bot-centric AI experience that’s designed to engage you in conversational interactions.
Since Google Assistance knows you and understands context, it can respond in an informed or smart manner. This is crucial as Assistant expands its features because it gives more power to voice control and starts to evolve from simply reacting to specific phrases or commands.

What Does Google Assistant Mean for SEO?

As more people get their hands-on smart devices, they’ve grown more inclined to use voice search as a convenient way to use Google. This has changed the SEO game dramatically by significantly boosting the importance of snippet answers in the hierarchy of ranking in SERPs.

When asked a question, Google Assistant seems to rely heavily on the featured snippets that Google often displays on top of its search results. For marketing and voice SEO purposes, focusing your efforts on improving parts of your website towards these snippets is becoming an important strategy. If you’re running a business, getting your site featured as a “rich snippet” is key to Google Assistant SEO.

Optimizing Your SEO Strategy for Google Assistant Searches

Adjust for conversational search

Ranking for voice search requires thinking about how users phrase spoken questions and using these for long-tail keyword research. Long-tail keywords are phrases three to five words long and may often have a lower search volume but have less competition and the most relevant search traffic.

Leverage local search

Local search is a major influencer in Google Assistant search rankings. It helps local searchers discover your business, so you should take advantage of local SEO content and assets such as Google My Business to boost your voice search optimization and make your content relevant to users.

Rank for featured snippets

As mentioned earlier, obtaining “position zero” in search results is crucial for AI SEO, specifically digital assistants. It is always shown as the top result, which contains a brief response that answers a specific search query and is generally where the highest concentration of clicks is directed.

Be the top review on your channel

Knowing your audience is a staple for producing effective content. You should know where they go when seeking reviews to rank for digital assistants, so you can optimize your efforts for that channel and maximize conversions.

Optimize your business

Success in voice search can be achieved by strengthening your online presence, so you should focus on user intent and make sure your content and data are consistent online. This means properly managing all your local and international citations to maintain consistency and build trust.

The continuous development of AI across different platforms means that search is getting smarter for its users.

This is the reason why voice search is becoming an integral part of SEO, which now includes a focus on phrased queries. Updates to search engine algorithms incorporate semantic search, allowing it to understand language better and generate more favorable results.

Since almost 70 percent of requests to Google Assistant are expressed in natural language, your SEO strategy should revolve around optimizing for the right conversational queries.

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