The Importance of Link building

Ultimately, link building is the byproduct of high-quality content that people would want to consume and share. Therefore, the “better” your content is, the more likely people are to link to it. This is what matters when ranking your website in search engine results pages.

Even professional marketers (regardless of experience) know that backlinks are a huge deal in ranking a website, but many still have difficulties achieving success. Links from high-quality, authoritative pages have great SEO benefits. Like friends you go to for advice, high-quality pages are credible, trustworthy, and have a certain amount of authority on a particular topic. Earning relevant online authority is the first step towards better rankings.

Not All Links Are Created Equal

To outrank the competition, you’ll have to establish authority. This can be achieved by earning links from authoritative
websites, building your brand’s online assets, and nurturing an audience who are going to help amplify your content.
However, authority that gets passed on is dependent on these factors:

Domain Authority and Page Authority

How authoritative the linking website is.

Anchor Text

The hyperlinked text used for the backlink.


How relevant the linking page is based
on keywords.

Position on Page

Where the link is located on the page
(sidebar, menu bar, contextual, etc.).

Get Natural Links
Using White Hat Methods

There are many ways to get links for your website, but using the right tactics always matters. Here are some
white hat link building tactics employed at SEO Company that are applicable to all kinds of websites:


Creating valuable content that’s informative or entertaining.

Link Roundup

Publishing a compilation of useful resources from third parties.

Ego Bait

Publishing content that appeals to the egos of other brands and influencers.


Building relationships with other relevant
brands and influencers to get more exposure.

Broken Link Building

Helping webmasters fix broken links through the
provision of a superior alternative for them to
link to.

Link building is a major pillar of SEO. We provide the most effective outsourced link building services to bring traffic to your website and help boost its ranking to grow your business.

Other than those mentioned, there are a host of other link building tactics that websites can employ for better rankings. But in general, the best link building practices aren’t about “gaming the system.” They should be about adding value and creating the best possible experience for readers.

We focus on providing the highest-quality links that drive legitimate website authority. Let us show you how.


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