Why You Need Link Reclamation

Websites are typically made up of hundreds of links that redirect to both internal and external pages. As webmasters keep adding new content and making changes to their site, there will come a point where some of those links will break. This means clicking on links that go to an old version of your webpage or even to one that doesn’t exist anymore. To maintain online relevance, you want to locate those broken links and reclaim them. If your visitors happen to click on dead links on your site, this could frustrate them and inspire another search that would lead them to your competitors. This spells out lost business.

Types of Links We Can Reclaim for You

Link Removed

If you saw a webpage or blog linking to your site no longer does, it’s possible that this is a case of a removed link. Finding the root cause of why your link got removed is the first step to reclaiming it.

Broken Redirect

This phenomenon happens when a redirect chain is broken. The chain can be disrupted if you changed your URL, aka the final URL destination.

404 Page Not Found

If a page that previously links out to you can no longer be found, there’s a possibility that the webpage was deleted, whether accidentally or intentionally.


Noindex tags are straightforward: They are appended on URLs that the webmaster doesn’t want to be indexed on search engines.


The non-canonical tag tells search engines that a specified URL is a master copy of that page.

301/302 Redirect

Just like a broken redirect, if the chain gets cut out or if the link points elsewhere, then you’ve truly lost your link.

Brand Mentions

Although technically not a link you can reclaim since it was never present to begin with, the process of getting links from brand mentions is like that of link reclamation.

Link Reclamation at SEO Company

Link building is one of the most challenging yet essential tasks in your SEO strategy. SEO Company recognizes the time and effort it takes to build your credibility online through white hat tactics and tested methods. Losing links can take a toll on your brand if you don’t do anything right away to solve the issue.
With vast knowledge on the moving parts of search engine optimization, SEO company is your go-to agency for your link reclamation and other SEO needs. Backed by experience, knowledge of SEO trends, and best practices, you’ll surely be in capable hands.

Contact SEO Company to reclaim the online authority that your website deserves!


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