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One of the ways you can help customers find you more easily in the local search ecosystem is through citations. Since search engines depend on the consistency of your business details on website listings or directory listing platforms, local SEO citations, when managed properly, can help businesses perform well in local search results. Citation building comes in to improve your brand visibility. In a nutshell, local citation refers to any web-based reference of your local business’ name, website, contact number, address, zip or postal code, and other relevant information.

Types of Local SEO Citations

Structured Citations

Structured citations are usually listed on authoritative websites and require three things: claim, fill out, and optimize. The last one is important to ensure that all your citations are consistent and properly optimized across the board so that search engines and users don’t encounter any discrepancies.

Unstructured Citations

Unlike in structured citation where businesses have better control over the listings, unstructured citations give them little to no control over the content of their mentions. The familiar places where you’ll find unstructured citations are in online magazines, newspaper sites, Wikipedia pages, blogs, press mentions, and more.

Why Build Local Citations with SEO Company

Visibility boost

Users are more likely to consider your business if they frequently see your listing.


Many online directories also allow local businesses to add their listings without cost while there are others that require minimal fees.

Optimal geographical relevance

Google’s algorithm recognizes local mentions as high-authority for your location and niche, which supplements your local SEO efforts in helping potential customers within the neighborhood find you.


Businesses, especially those targeting local audiences, need to take control of their listings to ensure a consistent digital footprint that’s optimized for both users and search engines.

Citation Building Explained

Complete citations include the name, address, and phone number of a business. This is referred to as “NAP.” Citations that don’t cover all three are often considered as partial citations. Sometimes, you’ll encounter people talking about NAPW or UNAP citations as well. The W means Website, while the U refers to URL. The site links earned from a citation provides an additional data point that helps search engines link the citation to your business.

Citation building works similarly to link building. If potential customers see your business listed in prominent websites or listing directories, then they know you’re trustworthy. Additionally, when search engines see inbound links from authoritative listing/directory sites, they’ll recognize that authority/relevancy and use it to help your rankings.

SEO Company can help boost your local business ranking and reach more customers with local citation building. Inquire now!


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