What is long tail keyword targeting?

Many website administrators may still think that high traffic keywords must always be the primary SEO strategy for their site to rank, but this isn’t always the case. You can also strike gold in using long tail keywords.

The Value of Long Tail Keywords

Increased relevance

The more relevant your product, service, or website topic keywords are, the higher the chances that visitors who’ve found your site with this set of keywords will actually convert into paying customers.

Higher conversions

Doing a little long tail keyword research can go a long way in discovering search intent. Once you’ve determined this, you’ll be able to identify queries that show buyer’s intent. You can use this knowledge to draw highly qualified leads into your sales funnel and complement your content marketing efforts.

Lower competition

Long tail keywords are specific to your business and its niche. This means low volume when it comes to search results. But the upside is, it doesn’t take nearly as much effort to rank well compared to competing with generic keywords.

Keyword ownership

Once you start coming up in searches using a set of specific long tail keywords, you automatically own that search query. Every time a user types in those keywords in the search bar, the set can be associated to your business or website.

Better ranking potential

Once you’ve built relevant content around these long tail keywords, appearing high on SERPs is almost guaranteed. Specificity is key, and your business’ or website’s unique selling point will help show you the way.

Long tail keywords are highly targeted search phrases that particularly serve searcher intent.

They have low search volume and low competition, delivering generally high conversion rates. These keywords are called “long tail” since if you were to plot them by search volume, they would be on the long tail end of the search demand curve. But despite the lack of search volume, long tail keywords are typically easier to rank for, resulting in higher conversions compared to seed keywords.

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