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Different factors have fostered the change in search engine optimization, one of the most notable being the emergence of mobile search. From desktop, technological advancements have allowed people to search online utilizing multiple devices and platforms like smartphones or tablets, changing user behavior online forever.

Delivering the Mobile Experience

Here’s how SEO Company can help you deliver the perfect mobile experience:

M Configuration

With this setup, you have the desktop or main version of the site (www.site.com) and the mobile version or m-dot (m.site.com). Your website should be able to figure out what device the visitor is using to redirect them to the right URL that is optimized for that device.

Dynamic Serving

Dynamic serving means hosting all content together on the same URL, whether viewed on desktop or mobile, but the HTML/CSS will differ depending on the device the visitor is using.

Responsive Design

This web design method enables the site to fit automatically in the screens of different devices to display the content correctly.

Our Mobile SEO Fundamentals

Here are some of the factors that we look into when optimizing your site for mobile:

Improve mobile site speed

According to Google, when page load time reaches 6 seconds, bounce rate increases by 106%. That is why in July 2018, they announced that page speed would already be a ranking factor, hence the need to improve the loading time of your pages.

Make content easier to read

Desktop copy does not necessarily translate well to mobile; it can easily overwhelm the mobile user (because there’s usually more text).

Use lots of white space

On a desktop, less white space or a cluttered page is somewhat tolerable, but not on mobile. White space or negative space are the spaces between text, button, and other design elements, and these are very important on mobile not only because it helps your site not to look cluttered but also to rank on Google.

Use mobile-friendly popups

In 2017, Google rolled out an update that targeted intrusive popups on mobile, stating that “pages where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results may not rank as high.”

Conduct regular mobile audits

The smallest issue on your website may lead to disastrous results for your whole optimization process.

Consider voice search

With the advent of Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, more and more people are using voice to perform a search, especially through mobile.

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