What are Google Penalties?

A Google penalty means trouble. It’s designed to punish websites that failed to adhere to Google’s enforced marketing practices. When a site gets penalized, they can either disappear on the search results or drop from the rankings for their targeted keywords. When this happens, it has a dramatic ripple effect on the brand’s visibility, traffic, and ultimately, revenue.
Recovering from Google penalties take some time and effort. You need to determine which kind of penalty you get to perform the right actions to fix it.

Manual penalty

This is often a result of not following Google’s Terms of Service. Actions against Google’s ranking guidelines include cloaking, buying links, redirects, and virus infection. Worry not, the notification will provide guidelines to help you correct the issue. Then, you need to make an appeal to Google to bring your site back into the search engine results pages.

Algorithmic penalty

Algorithmic penalties come after an algorithm update to improve search rankings. Google algorithms like Panda, Hummingbird, and Penguin, may affect sites that have weak and/or duplicate content, slow page loading times, and keyword-stuffed content. Getting affected by this penalty won’t take you out of the search results, but you’ll rank much lower instead.

How SEO Company Can Help You Recover from a Google Penalty

Identify penalties

Analyze your backlink profile

Remove bad links

Disavow bad links

Content cleanup

Site performance monitoring

Google Manual Actions

Let’s dive into the types of Google manual actions that might cause your website to get penalized:

Cloaking and sneaky redirects

Cloaking: first click free violation

Cloaked images

Hacked site

Hidden text or keyword stuffing

Pure spam

Spammy free hosts

Spammy schema markup

Thin content with no value

Unnatural links to your site

Unnatural links from your site

User-generated spam

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