What is Online Reputation Management?

Public perception has always been essential in a business’ success, but it has been especially vital in today’s connected world, where a single article, tweet, or video that goes viral can mean the difference between growth and disaster. This is where online reputation management (ORM) comes in.

ORM refers to the use of tactics that can shape or influence awareness on the internet. The organization takes control of the conversation to ensure that its target audience only sees the “right” content when they make a search engine query. It can help drive public opinion about its products and services.

The Virtuous and Vicious Cycles of Online Reputation

When you take care of your online reputation, you maintain a cycle of virtue, where only positive and high-quality content or news that reflect well on your brand are published for users to read.
However, there is also another side to this. A vicious cycle can occur when you disregard your online reputation. Poor quality, outdated, or misleading content about your brand can be read on websites and social media by both your prospects and customers due to its shocking content.

Don't let these happen to you

Negative reviews

Biased competitor comparisons

Fake News

Bad industry perceptions

Bad press or negative articles, including personal and corporate scandals

Online defamation attacks

Name ambiguity and identity confusion due to shared names

How ORM and SEO Work Hand in Hand

Change SERP rankings

When you do brand reputation management, you can improve your SERP rankings for your domain and other content as a byproduct. While you’re protecting your identity, you’ll also be building valuable online authority.

Bury negative publicity

ORM techniques like online PR can push damaging or harmful media down the SERPs. Since 84% of users do not check pages other than the first SERP, controlling the front page will mean diverting user attention away from potentially negative publicity.

Increase positive mentions

Good reputation calls for positive reviews and mentions. Start with having effective customer service to get positive feedback and work your way up to making a positive impact in the community. Don’t forget to spread the word about you through well-written press releases.

Build high authority links

ORM can help you position your brand as an authority in the space by getting links from sites with equally high authority. With this, the community will trust you enough to link to you, send business opportunities, or refer to your brand in the media.

Claim domains and online properties

Claiming your brand domains can help you increase visibility in the SERPs. Register your domain and social media profiles, including those with similar or wrong spellings, so you can also avoid trolls who may post harmful content from claiming your domain and posing as your brand.

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